Hi, I'm Todd and welcome to my site.

Yes, this site is plain. This is by design. We have enough unnecessary complexity in the world. I prefer simplicity, minimalism and functionality.

This site is home to my personal library of tech resources and projects. There is also a blog, where I occasionally let my mind wander on philosophical thoughts.

  • Linear Regression from Scratch

    A basic linear regression machine learning algorithm coded from scratch in Python.

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  • Data Science Resources

    A living and ever changing library of useful technologies, libraries and platforms for data science.

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  • Web Scraper with Beautiful Soup

    A very basic web gathers financial data from a website and saves the results to CSV for further data analysis.

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  • Why I write

    Someone recently asked me, why I write on this blog. Do I write for hope of fame, for praise or in pursuit of fortune? None of these are reason why I write.

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  • When did we start giving a sh*t what others think?

    On a typical warm Mexican evening, a small crowd gathers to appreciate a talented street performer. A melody so rich and uplifting that it cannot help but draw a smile to even the sourest of souls. Yet amongst this crowd, only one spectator truly shows their pleasure. A small girl, no more than eight years old, dances as if she were the only one there. Dancing without a care about what anyone thinks of her offbeat steps as she fully immerses herself into the beat. Living in the moment without the slightest regard of the irrelevant thoughts of bystanders.

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