A book of the rarely easy and often hard life lessons of a single soul.


What is this book about?

What is this book about?

As I slowly navigate my way through life I have often come to reflect on the lessons which life has taught me along the way. Unfortunately, many of these lessons were already explained to a younger version of myself, but like many others I had to learn these lessons through experience before I would listen. That is a lesson unto itself - listen to the experience of others. And not listen so you can reply or rebut their point of view, but truly listen. Listen, reflect and absorb from others’ experience and you will be able to live and learn the lessons of multiple lives.

So why write all of this down into a book which no one will likely ever read? The answer is simple my dear Watson - to learn through writing. As well as to not forget, as a lesson learnt but quickly forgotten is never learnt at all.

Finally, like life itself, this is a story which ends when I do. Meaning, it is an ongoing manifesto of the wisdom learnt, and perhaps unlearnt, along the way.

You are your own business

Learn the lessons of a thousand lives