A cheat sheet I have created to remind myself of common Git commands. This is obviously not an extensive list of all possible git commands. Just a list of the common ones I use.

Project goal

Learn and summarise common git commands into a cheat sheet.

Lessons learnt

  • How to clone, branch, commit and merge into repositories

Creating & Cloning Projects

Git Command Description
git init Create an initial git repository locally
git clone repository_name.git Clone an existing remote repository

Ignoring Files & Folders

To ignore certain files and folders from being able to be committed, complete the following steps:

  • Create a .gitignore file by running the following command from the terminal
  • Access the .gitignore file, either through a text editor or via the terminal using VIM
  • Add files and/or folders to the ignore file
# Terminal command to create a .gitignore file 
touch .gitignore

# Terminal command to edit the file using vim
vim .gitignore

# vim command to insert
i  # The text INSERT will then be displayed at the bottom of the page

# Ignore folders

# Ignore a single file

# Ignore packages

# Ignore a folder, except a single file
folder_name1/*  # Ignore everything in the folder 
!folder_name/file_name.txt  # But don't ignore this specific file

# Quit and don't save changes in vim (first press escape)
:q! # Then press enter

# Quit and save changes in vim (first press escape)
:wq # Then press enter

gitignore documentation

Status, Adding & Committing Files

Git Command Description
git status Check the status of the local repository / branch
git add file_name Add a single file to the staging area for committing
git add . Add all new and changed files to staging area for committing
git commit -m “good commit message” Commit changes

Branching & Merging

Git Command Description
git branch List all of the local branches
git branch -a List all of the local & remote branches
git branch branch_name Creates a new branch
git checkout branch_name Switch to a branch
git merge branch_name Merge a branch into the active one
git merge branch_name target_branch Merge a branch into another one

Pushing & Pulling Updates

Git Command Description
git pull Pull all latest committed changes
git pull branch_name Pull latest changes froma remote branch
git push origin branch_name Push a branch into a remote repository