On a typical warm Mexican evening, a small crowd gathers to appreciate a talented street performer. A melody so rich and uplifting that it cannot help but draw a smile to even the sourest of souls. Yet amongst this crowd, only one spectator truly shows their pleasure. A small girl, no more than eight years old, dances as if she were the only one there. Dancing without a care about what anyone thinks of her offbeat steps as she fully immerses herself into the beat. Living in the moment without the slightest regard of the irrelevant thoughts of bystanders.

But why isn’t anyone else dancing? If they are like me, they would be too busy with a flood of worry if they danced, concerned about what others will think, say or snicker behind their backs at their awkward style.

But why do we care about the thoughts of other people on such trivial matters? The logic to worry about such matters simply isn’t there. Yet despite this lack of logical reasoning, many of us can be crippled with fear of what others will think. During the road between childhood and becoming an adult, do we lose our childhood skill of not giving a shit what others think?

Life is too short to worry about what others think. We should sing if our soul is in soar. Cry if our heart is heavy. Dance as if we were a child again.


Good. I am not proposing that the above is the be all and end all on the subject. Truth be told, I will likely change my view with time. But strong opinions lead others to defend their own. So if you disagree with this article then I have delivered value, as it helps you solidify your own point of view, challenges your status quo and hopefully helps you see you view on the matter even more clearly than before.

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